Charun’s Return

Charun's Return Charun's Return

This painting could be perceived as being very peculiar and scary. In accordance  with the predominant background colour and its symbolism of blood, it bears the indicative title ‘Charun’s Return’. The title originates from Etruscan mythology, where a creature from the underworld returns to the land of the living . His role was not to punish the dead but to escort them to their final destination.


The hands of an artist

The hands of an artist

Looking forward for tomorrows filming/ interview at the London Westbank Gallery. In the mean time i’m getting my hands dirty.

Tears of Man

This piece explores the effects of disease and decay on one’s environment. The painting shows a lonely drained figure, who has lost all hope with existence. This can be witnessed through his facial expression. The whole purpose of this piece is to show the end result of when someone’s desires and freedom have been suppressed by control from a powerful force, which limits them from expressing their free will.


H.A.S explores the nature of vision and perception, only to conclude that their are two dimensions which are beside us. One side of life  is visible and the other side  is invisible to us humans. One could debate , saying we were born with a blindfold. On the other hand, some of us could be characterised as having delusional fantasies. What do you think ?

Stage 1 of Android Ghost with a short poem

This Ghost resembles you in a million years, a million tears combine to form  me you and her. Yes we are the same, so that means if i hurt you i’m hurting myself. At twelve the Android lurks  in the architects cell , he’s controlled by the sound of a bell, floating through the walls but still can’t escape this hell , his golden raspberry  heart melts. H.A.S